What I Have Gained From Motherhood

January 15th 2017 at 7:13 AM. The moment a baby was born and an ordinary girl (spoiler alert: it was ME!) became a mom.

I’ll be real with y’all. Since becoming a mother, I’ve gained a lot. Including, but not limited to: a muffin top, dark circles under my eyes, hairy-legs-I-never-have-time-to-shave, stretch marks on the majority of my body… I’ll spare you the rest of the details.

But all of those things are more than worth it, and really not bad things at all compared to all the blessings that come with being a mom. So here I bring you a few tidbits of what motherhood has given me!

A Sense Of Purpose

Many people are blessed knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives… Not so much in my case. I’ve never really wanted a career and I don’t have cool hobbies. But I have always wanted to be a mom and known I was suppose to be a mom. Being a mother is an incredible experience; and for me personally it has filled me with a sense of purpose. Something I’m great at and called to has finally come into being. While I know parenting isn’t the only thing I’ll accomplish in life, raising little ones is a privilege I’m proud of.


Before the birth of a child, you expect to be needed. But until your child is born, you don’t actually know how true that is. There is a life depending on you for their every need to be met, and it is up to you to make choices that best meet those needs. So for me, on some days that means taking shorter showers (or skipping them altogether), staying in bed for hours at a time being used as a human pacifier and canceling plans. Being a mom has taught me more about what it means to be selfless and put another person’s needs before your own.

A Deeper Sense Of Who God Is

If you are like me, you have grown up knowing just how much God loves you. And if you’re also like me, you realize quite often that you have NO idea the depths He feels for you. It’s just that big. Since having my daughter I have had many more of these deep realizations. If I love my tiny human this much, imagine just how much more our Father feels that way about us. It’s absolutely mind boggling.


While there will always be judgy moms (that’s life) there will also always be moms that are just trying to get through this thing call mom-ing with fellow moms. And those women are your community. As soon as I gave birth I felt like I was welcomed into this giant, universal mom club. It was the greatest feeling! There are millions of women who have gone through what I’ve gone through, felt the feelings that I’m feeling. While there will always be the judgers there will also always be a mom friend to cheer you on.


After my previous point, I now have a confession to make.. I’ve been one of those judgers of parents and their children. I think we’re all that person at some point, we’re human. But motherhood gave me an epiphany, and that epiphany was: “holy crap, this parenting thing can be hard”. Now instead of judging the way someone is doing things, I remind myself that all of us are just doing the best we can with what we’ve got. I feel compassionate and sympathetic towards other parents because we are(hopefully) all doing what we feel is best. And sometimes kids are just cray-cray.


I’m thankful God gave me my baby and made me a mom. I’m thankful for every little gift that journey has brought along with it- stretch marks and all. I’m thankful for whatever new thing I learn next. What have you gained from motherhood?

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