To The Mama’s Who Fed My Baby

Dear Mamas.. Some of you I know. Some of you I don’t. You probably don’t know each other. But you all have at least one thing in common: you fed my baby when I couldn’t. 

A few months back I wound up in the emergency room and received the news no new mom wants to hear.. “We need to keep you overnight.” That was the first night my six month old and I spent apart.. Then one night turned into three nights.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it was torture.

What I thought was a great little stash of breast milk? It turned out not to be as impressive as I’d thought. Less than 24 hours into my hospital stay, it was all devoured. Then to make matters worse, I was put on an antibiotic that was not safe while breastfeeding. So the freezer was empty as well as my baby’s little belly. I made the tough decision to send my husband to the store for formula.. And she hated it. As in hunger-strike-for-six-hours hated it.

I felt helpless and beyond stressed. 

But then I reached out to you. My wonderful breastfeeding mama friends, acquaintances and strangers. Without hesitation or questioning you came to the rescue. You all gave of your precious stashes and fed my baby when I couldn’t. Many more who didn’t have milk stored up offered to come and nurse my daughter for me. And for all of you I am so beyond thankful. In the cloudiest few days of my life, you ladies were the sunshine peeking through making the whole situation a little bit easier.

I have a new found respect and gratitude towards mothers who donate milk and breastfeed little ones not their own. You are truly incredible women.
I hope I never have to return the favor- I wouldn’t wish being unable to nurse on any breastfeeding mother. But if and when you need me, I hope I’ll be able to help you like you’ve helped me.

Milk donors, you are amazing. Mama’s, you are amazing.

I wish I had more words, but I don’t. So I’ll sum it up with this, from the bottom of my heart: thank you. A thousand times, thank you.


P.S. My mother in-law (who took care of my daughter during my hospital stay) described every time one of you ladies showed up with milk like it was “an angel walking through the door”. She’s right.


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