A New Years Reminder

Hello, friends!
I love New Years. I always have, and I likely always will. There is just something about the blank canvas of a new year that brings me so much hope. That empty calendar brimming with endless possibilities is something I look forward to with high expectations. A new year is the perfect time to create new goals, dream new dreams and turn plans into actions. But inevitably my “new year” high will begin to deteriorate. Months, weeks- and let’s be honest, sometimes even mere days into it, I will start to give up. I fall into my slump and with a sigh say “next year”. If I’m feeling particularly hopeful it will turn into “next month” or maybe even “Monday”. That being said, one of my new years goals is to persist. To not tie myself to perfectionism. I’m not going to dream any less- heck, I’m pretty sure my list of new years resolutions and dreams is longer than it’s ever been! But in 2018 I will set a reasonable pace for myself. If I mess up, I will remind myself to get back up-  and not Monday, or at the beginning of a new month. I want to wake up every day and treat it like the fresh opportunity it is. Typically I am way too hard on myself; and not in the good way. I’m hard on myself in the “I’m-going-to-sit-here-throwing-a-pity-party-because-I-messed-up-and-feel-bad” way. But not this year. This year I will persist when I fail and I will show myself grace when I fail. If Jesus can give me grace, I can most certainly give myself grace.

Thanks for reading this little bit of babbling- here’s to 2018!

XOXO, Shannon

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