Photo Courtesy of Amanda Tessa Photography

Hey, I’m Shannon!

My love for writing began when I received a Hello Kitty diary for my 7th birthday. I created my own code language to keep my secrets safe from my snooping brother. I’ve matured a little since then, but my love for writing has stayed the same.

I met my husband when I was 16. I can honestly say he is my best friend and that after all this time, I still think he’s the best thing ever.

I’m a mom to Winnie and Ches, which makes me a proud member of the two under two club! I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are the cutest little munchkins, but I might be a liiittle bit biased.

I’m addicted to coffee. I’m pretty crunchy, but I do love me some donuts, oreos, waffles… You get the idea. Carbs are my kryptonite.

I’m an over-thinker, a dreamer and a recovering people pleaser. I’m on Team Jesus.

My dream for this space is to share my thoughts and my life and in doing so, maybe let at least one person out there know they aren’t alone. ♥


Photo Courtesy of Amanda Tessa Photography