My Love

Coffee, oh coffee

You make my heart go

“Pitter pat, pitter pat”

In a melodious way 

No other love has.

But alas, I must leave you

As the sun dips below the horizon

But I shall dream of you

And with the first ray of dawn

Seek your warmth again. 


Dear You

If there is no fear in love,

then I guess I don’t love you.

Fear is all I feel for you.

That’s the scariest thing 

to admit to myself.

Love cannot be forced or earned.

Love is a conscious choice.

Love either is or it isn’t.

Love cannot resist action.

Love is not wishy-washy.

Love is not half-assed. 

You either love someone or you don’t.

There is no in between.

And you’ve proven time and time again you do not love me.


Who am I?

I am just now coming to terms with who I am


Who am I, separate

Apart from the molds I squeeze into 

Depending on who I am with

I don’t really enjoy the me I’m getting to know

Uncertain, anxious, damaged 

From cramming into small spaces I don’t belong

But there is no avoiding me now

To do so

Would just be torture

The only alternative

Is to heal and grow and hope

Hope that love for who I Truly Am

Is found along the way.


Please, People

Please tell me who I am- 

Who am I aside from this?

Tell me what to say, I’ll say it

Tell me what to think, I’ll think it

Tell me who to be, I’ll be it.

Being everything, to everyone

Causes less anxiety 

Then taking a deep breath of courage and meeting the me I don’t even know.